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You CAN search and view a matching matrix WITHOUT registering, but you will not be able to save that matrix or your search. Registration is free and when you become a registered user of MatchnRide you will be able to:

Save/edit your Search Criteria
Save your Favorite Matches
Catalog your Favorite Listings by Search Criteria
Communicate with Advertisers
Receive Search Updates


MatchnRide features a Matching Matrix, a unique search tool that provides the searcher with the ability to focus their search on criteria that matters most to them.

Here's how the Matrix works:
The searcher is led through a series of simple questions regarding their search. After answering the questions the searcher clicks SUBMIT and the matrix will display a list of horses. Each horse will be rated by percentage on how closely it matches the searcher's criteria. The searcher can then click on "View Full Ad" of the horse(s) they are interested in for a full description of the advertisement and matching matrix that compares the searchers criteria with the horse's information.

3 ways to search:

  1. Quick Search - Quick Search provides an option to quickly search for a horse using a limited set of search criteria. There are six questions presented and a searcher can answer one or as many as they would like. Note: due to the limited number of questions a percentage rank will not appear in the Quick Search results. For more indepth results, including a percentage match, please use Search Horses for Sale or Search Horses for Lease.
  2. Search Horses for Sale: Searchers interested in buying a horse are led through a simple series of 13 questions. After submitting their answers a list of horses will display. Each horse listed will include a percentage match between the searchers criteria and the horse's information. Click on "View Full Ad" for each horse to view a full description and matching matrix.
  3. Search Horses for Lease: Searchers interested in leasing a horse are led through a simple series of 20 questions. After submitting their answers a list of horses will display. Each horse listed will include a percentage match between the searchers criteria and the horse's information. Click on "View Full Ad" for each horse to view a full description and matching matrix.


Once you have submitted your search criteria, reviewed your search results and viewed individual ads of interest you can:

  1. Edit your search.
  2. Save your search.
  3. Save favorite horses.

Benefits of Saving a Search: When you save a search you can save favorite horses found while using that particular search criteria to that search, allowing you to keep track of saved horses by search criteria. This feature is ideal for professionals searching for more than one client. A saved search can be edited at any time.

In addition, the MatchnRide system will continue your search 24/7 and send, if you would like, new horses matching your search to your personal email for review. If you prefer not to receive email notifications of new matches they can also be found in "New Matches" located in "My Barn".


Placing an Ad on MatchnRide is extremely easy - you will be led through the following 5 simple steps starting with selecting "List Horse for Lease" or "List Horse for Sale".

You must register to place and ad. MatchnRide offers 3 ad packages: Featured, Standard & Basic. However, if you have 4 or more horses to list please contact MatchnRide at ads@MatchnRide.com for discount pricing.

Featured Ad:

Your ad, in rotation with other Featured Horse ads, will be prominently positioned in the upper left-hand corner on all pages of the MatchnRide site - providing a significant increase in exposure for your horse. In addition, all Featured Horses will be clearly marked AND horses matching at 80% or higher will appear above all other search results.
Featured Ads include a detailed questionnaire, 6 photos, YouTube link, description & pedigree.

Standard Ad:

Standard Ads include detailed questionnaire, 6 photos, YouTube link, description & pedigree.

Basic Ad:

Basic Ads include detailed questionnaire, 1 photo, description & pedigree.

Once an ad has been placed the advertiser will be provided with a personal area titled "My Barn" where they will be able to monitor/edit their account; view their ad(s); monitor viewer hits on their ad(s); Edit, Mark Sold or Delete their ad and communicate with potential buyers within the security of the MatchnRide site.


MY BARN is where your searches, favorite horses, nickermail and account center is stored. Registered users can access "My Barn" from anywhere on the site. At the top of each site page is an easily identifiable icon that matches a corresponding feature in "My Barn"

Features include:

"My Favorites": Favorite listings are saved to "My Favorites. Listings saved in a Search profile are located under the name of the Search Profile. Listings saved without a Search Profile are located in "General Profile".

"Saved Searches": If you have a saved a search you will find it in "Saved Searches". Here you can review your search, view favorite horses saved to your search, search using saved criteria, and edit your search.
"New Matches": If you have saved a Search Profile the matrix will have continued your search while you have been off-line. If the matrix has found any new horses matching your search criteria they will be waiting in New Matches for when you return to the site.
"NickerMail": This is MatchnRide's secure message center for communication between searchers and advertisers. We do not display email addresses and we highly suggest that all communications remain in the security of the NickerMail message center.
"View My Ads": If you have placed an Ad on MatchnRide you will be able to view, edit, mark as sold, delete or view Nickers for this ad in "View My Ads" In addition you will be able to check the number of "hits" your ad has received, as well as keep track of your ad's status.
"Account Center": In the Account Center you will be able to change your current ID, password, contact information, and whether or not you would like to receive new matches to your personal email.
"Trainers' Corner": If you are a professional who has taken out a Trainers' Corner ad this is where you will go to edit and update your page.

Iron Spring Farm: 2013 Third Level Dressage Dutch WB Gelding, UB40 x Ferro
Wellington, FL
International Polo Club Palm Beach
Betsy Steiner Dressage
SSG Riding Gloves
Cunningham and Cunningham
USET Foundation